Four Score And WAY More Than Seven Years Ago…

Thanks John Hancock.

Happy 234th birthday, America!

The Fourth of July is a wonderful holiday. Unlike President’s Day, you don’t need to like a president to pay honor. Unlike Veteran’s or Memorial Day there isn’t a somber, respectful undertone.

The Fourth of July, Independence Day, is a day where we remember and celebrate the birth of America. You know, back when America was a land of idealists and freedom fighters. BEFORE we slaughtered Native Americans, enslaved African Americans, went all imperialistic in the Philippines, dropped an atomic bomb, interned the Japanese, tried to squash communism, invaded Iraq and made everything one big, hot mess. The Fourth of July is about America’s good intentions and not it’s epic failure. This is why I like it so much.

While I was out interviewing people for The Gazette today some people seemed to think that to celebrate this day we should all go to readings of the Declaration of Independence.

“Hotdogs, hamburgers and potato salad have no place in today’s festivities,” one man said.

To this man I say, “you’re wrong.” While picnics and fireworks may not explicitly celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the onset of the Revolutionary War it does allow children and adults alike to take a day for fun and freedom from the “real world” to turn on the grill and see pretty lights in the sky. The typical way to celebrate the Fourth is to just relax. Spend time with family–no ill-intentions–just like in the Declaration of Independence. A brotherhood of men…and women.

Anyway. In honor of this most important American holiday (and on behalf of my newly granted history degree) I present you with some of my favorite pop-culture tidbits about our nation–for better or for worse.

Also from “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”:  “The Gang Cracks The Liberty Bell”

Drunk History. Very funny. Not at all historically accurate. Kind of like a Texas textbook.

Schoolhouse Rock:

“How A Bill Becomes A Law”

“Sufferin’ ‘Till Suffrage”

And just for today: Boston Tea Party

And finally…some music from the great Woody Guthrie: CLICK.

What’s your favorite part of American history?

This is a video contribution from my mother!


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