John Mayer > LeBron

Yes, he may be kind of a “d-bag,” but this video that John Mayer just put up on this Tumblr cracked me up.

I really enjoy that (most) people are mocking the cocky and over-the-top way LeBron announced his decision to play for Miami. Yes, LeBron is talented and yes, he’s kind of a big deal…but an HOUR long special of ass kissing, suspense and hype just to confirm a two day old rumor? Please. If I wanted that kind of T.V. I’d watch “The Bachelor” or “American Idol.”

It was a horrendous use of T.V. time and proof that the “news” (Read: entertainment) media these days will stroke an ego all the way to the bank.

Than you, John Mayer (and everyone else who thinks LeBron is kind of a jerk…albeit a very good-looking and talented jerk) for (attempting) to put LeBron back in his place…which is (now) on the Miami Heat basketball court.

And LeBron…I really do hope you win a championship…you are very talented and you do a lot of great charity work…just stick to a NORMAL press conference next time.

John Mayer’s HILARIOUS, though self-serving, video:



  1. mairghread ryan · July 10, 2010


  2. J. Salls · July 22, 2010

    Firstly, Caitlin, let me congratulate you on all your success as a writer/reporter. Your work is phenomenal. (Yes, I’ve been reading it.)

    That said and to offer more to this post than simple praise for you, I don’t understand all the criticism of the “former” King (Cavs’ owner Dan Gilbert’s words, not mine).

    Was “THE DECISION” a self-promotional spectacle? Sure. Didn’t it generate millions of dollars in ad revenue for charities, though?

    Frankly, I applaud James for A) participating in an event that he must have known would mar his reputation (but for a good cause!) B) doing what was best for #1 (the notion that he was somehow disloyal to Cleveland is comical) and C) for not responding to his critics in the childish ways they’ve addressed him.

    This culture always wants to vilify someone. Lucky for LeBron, Lindsay Lohan is doing her thing again.

    Good luck in the future, Caitlin! You are doing great things!

    • Caitlin · July 22, 2010

      I wouldn’t have been doing ANY of this if it weren’t for you! I’m really glad you’ve been reading…it means a lot to me, especially since you’re the one who turned my “inkling” into a career goal!

      Oh LeBron…I want to believe that he did it for charity but I have a hard time believing that self-promotion wasn’t his first goal…but at least there was a silver lining…her DID raise a lot of money for worthy causes…Lindsay on the other hand is just a hot mess (one of my new favorite finds is the @LindsayInJail Twitter account. HILARIOUS!)

      Thanks for the kind words…I’m sure they’ll keep my motivated when Columbia is doing its best to run me down! Enjoy your summer!

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