Free Colton!


Colton Harris-Moore, the "Barefoot Bandit"


The “Barefoot Bandit” (Colton Harris-Moore)  is fantastic.


Yes, he supposedly stole cars, airplanes and countless other things but the fact that he escaped from a halfway house in Washington state two years ago and is just being caught now is incredible.

He’s 19. He never finished high school. He doesn’t wear shoes. And no one could catch him for TWO YEARS. The kid’s got to be some kind of genius.

Especially since he kept drawing attention to himself.

According to Associated Press reports he stole a plane from Indiana, flew to the Bahamas and then crashed the plane. He was also allegedly seen by locals (who didn’t know who he was) relaxing and watching T.V. in someone’s bar. He broke in and then laid around watching T.V., not exactly trying to hide. Seriously. This kid is great. He taunted police every step of the way.

I honestly feel like he TRIED to get caught so he could try to pull off some other shenanigans. I feel like he got bored of the same old routine and wanted a new challenge.


The "footprint" that Colton allegedly left after robbing a store.


Yes, what he did is wrong but that’s not really my point. This kid is awesome.

You know how companies hire hackers who have victimized them because they’re good at what they do? The U.S. government should hire Colton for secret ops. We might not be losing the “War on Terror.”

Free Colton!


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