Wyclef for president?

Wyclef loves Haiti more than you.

According to CNN, musician Wyclef Jean is announcing his candidacy for president of Haiti on Thursday and personally, I can’t wait to hear his justification.

“I’m from Haiti. I lived here until I was nine. In 2005 I started a charity to support Haiti after Hurricane Jeanne and continued to help after the recent earthquake. Haiti needs me. I need it,” Wyclef might say.

But how does that make you able to actually run a country? Do you have large-scale leadership experience or any political experience? Money and philanthropy does not a president make.

I’m sure Wyclef will compare himself to President Obama, saying that he did such great public works for his people that experience is not the most important factor. One difference: Obama was at least in politics as a senator.

I really do think that Wyclef means well. I think that he truly cares about Haiti and is only running for president to be of assistance, but honestly, the best way Wyclef can help Haiti is to keep running his charity, keep extending awareness for Haiti and to find a reliable candidate with experience to endorse.

Plus, if he’s elected, The Fugees will never get back together and I’m not ready to let go of that dream yet.


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