Year in J-School (Part 3)–The Beat

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Living in New York City makes me feel like a mole person. Once I get to the A train (literally half a block from my apartment) I can get to K-Mart on 34th Street and buy curtains without ever seeing the light of day. It’s fascinating to me…this intricate system of tubes.

So, J-School orientation is officially over. On Monday we start reporting on our beats! I have Soundview and Pelham in the Bronx, two completely different areas. I’m excited to find out all about them. Monday I am literally getting thrown out into Soundview and being told to grab some audio from people as part of our digital training. I might run up there tomorrow and just get the lay of the land.

Today, my entire RW1 class went on a bus tour of The Bronx and learned all about its history, its origins and where it is now. We met people who were there when the “Bronx was burning” due to intentional fires set by landlords when drugs became a huge problem in the area, community activists and even some of the Sept. 11 firefighters. It was a really eyeopening experience–particularly because I hadn’t ever seen a housing project before.

Last night I want to Lincoln Center Out Of Doors with Kaitlin and Irasema (girls from J-School) for the International Body Music Festival. It was amazing! There were two women from Nunavut, Canada doing Inuit throat singing, an African American Hambone expert and all other kinds of music made using only your body. It honestly was incredible. Plus, there’s nothing like walking off the 1 Train on 66th Street and staring at the CNN tower. Kinda cool.

After that I went to another J-School friends house and just hung out. I’m beginning to get over my fear of my fellow J-Schoolers. I will admit that when I first showed up at orientation I thought I was going to be totally out of my public school/state school comfort zone–stepping into the Ivy League–but the people I’ve met are pretty incredible. Many of them have traveled the world as reporters and done so many interesting things that I still feel like the underdog having come right out of undergrad, but Columbia accepted me for a reason and I need to discover what that is.

I was supposed to go to the Park Ave. Borders and get a job today, but school got in the way. I honestly don’t think I’m going to have time to work. Hopefully I can freelance for some extra cash so I’m not as stressed out about money. I wish I was a rich trust find kid sometimes…but then I think that my eventual book will be better if I can draw some character emotion out of stress and hard work.

This weekend I’m relaxing, maybe hitting up another free concert and doing my first few preliminary RW1 assignments…I have to write a biography about myself…oy vey.

Three things that shocked me today:

1. I can get a Monday-Sunday New York Times subscription for $5.50 per week because I’m a student. Considering I’ve been paying $2 per paper, that’s awesome.

2. There was a guy outside Yankee Stadium selling Mets tickets.

3. New York City has ice cream trucks.


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  1. Jackie · August 14, 2010

    yeah the ice cream trucks are a mixed bag.

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