Year in J-School (Part 4) — Lower East Side

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After a fun night reconnecting with some Buffalonians I spent most of today in the Lower East Side/Alphabet City exploring the neighborhood on a walking tour through the Tenement Museum. It was a lot of fun and really informative because even though the LES isn’t my beat it told me a lot about immigrant culture and hardships that I think will really help me in Soundview.

Immigrants whether they came in in 1800s to Manhattan or in 2010 to the South Bronx are facing the same issues: assimilation, jobs, housing and language barriers. The tour really helped me focus on how I should approach the people I’m going to have to be interviewing. It was fantastic.

After the tour we (Kaitlin and I) went down to Katz’s Deli on Ludlow and Houston…because it’s famous and I had this HUGE corned beef sandwich which came with a PLATE of pickles…we all know how much of a pickle enthusiast I am. It basically made my day.

After lunch we headed over to Alphabet City for a farmer’s market where I tried apple lemon juice…which was DELICIOUS. And we discovered a bar called Piano’s which had $4 frozen margaritas. We’re going back next Sunday for some drinks and the free comedy show.

We then headed back uptown and went home where I spent the rest of the evening scoping out Soundview via government statistics. I have some really great ideas! School starts tomorrow and my project for August is to create an audio slideshow about something I find in the Bronx tomorrow.

I’m excited and kind of scared! Wish me luck!


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  1. Kaitlin · August 15, 2010

    Thanks for the link! I’ll link you in my next post 🙂 Love your blog!

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