Year in J-School (Part 6)-Hotdog Coma

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Today was exponentially better than the last few. Why? Because I officially reported, edited and produced my first radio piece, I saw an inspiring movie, things have progressed with Mr. Innocent Crush AND I ate hotdogs.

Let’s start with the hot dogs. Anyone who knows even the most simple facts about me knows that I have a dedication and unrelenting love for hotdogs. To me, the hot dog is the world’s greatest food. You can put everything on it. It’s delicious. It’s cheap. I would actually love to write a book one day about eating hotdogs across America.

ANYWAY. After school today Irasema and I decided to treat ourselves to a movie and on the way there we stopped by Gray’s Papaya…a mecca of frankfurter goodness that I had heard all about but never tried.

*Insert gospel choir here*

Sweet. Baby. Jesus. Best. Hotdog. I’ve. Ever. Had. Like orgasm…in a casing and on a bun. Ketchup. Mustard. Onions. Kraut. MMMMMMMMmmmmmm.

Following my hotdog-gasm I saw “Eat, Pray, Love,” which wasn’t as good as the book but it was very well done. It made me want to quit grad school and travel…but at the same time it made me want to grab NYC by the proverbial balls and have the time of my life.

Tomorrow I don’t have class but I have all day to get some audio for my “audio postcard” where we have to put together a story explaining a place or a process. I might do a tattoo shop! I’m less scared now and more excited since seeing the final product of my first EVER radio piece.

Speaking of, here it is. It’s kind of choppy because I need to play around with getting the ambient sound to fade in and out of the narration…it’s not award-winning but I’m still really proud of myself!




  1. Kaitlin · August 20, 2010

    Caitlin that audio piece is so great!! 😀 I hope my first one is that good haha

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