Year in J-School (Part 7)–End of Audio

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Today I finished my audio bootcamp and I coined the term “silver fox-napping” (think: cougar hunting but for young, straight women). I’d say it was a good day.

HERE is my latest audio project. I went to a tattoo shop, Daredevil Tattoo on the Lower East Side, and recorded the process. I still need to work on editing but my flow is a lot better than the last one.

This weekend I did even more exploring. I met my cousin Mikey in Union Square for some food drinks. It was great to see him (for the first time in about a year) and he introduced me to a friend from college who works in the mayor’s office and gave me the contact of someone in the Bronx with in the same office. Networking is truly amazing.

Saturday I went to the Kite Festival in Riverside Park with Kaitlin which was a lot of fun. I had never been down my the water before. We also hit up Gray’s Papaya because I just can’t get enough! Later that night (after Irasema and I stuffed ourselves full of Cuban food at Havana Central) we tried to see Shakespeare in Central Park but they made the audience follow them around Central Park as they performed and we really didn’t feel like walking anymore. Plus, they updated the “Much Ado About Nothing” costumes to those of 19th century naval officers. I get the metaphor but I am a Shakespeare snob–so, we ended up bar hopping, hearing some live Latin music and grabbing a slice of pizza.

Sunday I hit up the farmer’s market on 115th and Broadway. I got some lettuce, Amish bread and other vegetables. It turns out the Amish people also sell to DeVoe’s (the farm where I worked since I was 14)…all the fresh produce made me really yearn for upstate New York in the fall. The only time when I truly miss the location of Halfmoon, NY is in the fall when all I want is to hear crunching leaves, all I want to eat is apple cider doughnuts and all I want to do is pick apples and gourds. No one does fall like upstate New York…Buffalo tries, but fails and NYC…not even a chance. After the farmer’s market Kaitlin and I went down to Piano’s, a new favorite bar on the Lower East Side for $4 margaritas. I also walked into a tattoo shop and recorded my audio.

Today I finished audio and heard Margalit Fox, a news obituary writer for The New York Times speak…I also met a Columbia alumni who works at People.

Tomorrow I have RW1 drills and reporting time then it’s on to photo boot camp on Wednesday and more guest speakers!

It’s been such a whirlwind, but now, two weeks into the crazy, I’m used to the stress and I know what’s expected of me. I truly wake up everyday in love with my life…the worst thing that happened to me today was that it was raining and my newspaper never got delivered.

Also…innocent crush is turning out to be EXACTLY like my ex…I must just attract the same kinds of people. It’s O.K. though, I’m going to silver fox-nap. I mean, there are some good looking teachers at Columbia and one of them (Orhan Pamuk) also happens to be one of my favorite authors.

Wish me fox-napping luck and send me a net!


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