Year in J-School (Part 8)- I don’t hate the Bronx

My new "hood."

I am exponentially less stressed out about my beat! FINALLY!!! Friday I went up to the Bronx to track down the district manager of community district 9 (who I hadn’t been able to get a hold of) and he was there!


He was AMAZING. He sat down with me and told me a lot of different things about the area. It’s one of the most diverse in borough and in the last 16 years it’s morphed from drug and gang ridden to a bustling community with shops, churches, schools and houses. It’s still home to a vast majority of working poor but things are slowly creeping along on the economic front.

I went back up today for Bronx Unity Day which was sponsored by Assemblyman Rivera. I quickly found out that this district is a hotbed of political debate right now as election day is coming up on Sept. 14. Rivera, a nine term assemblyman is being challenged by Luis Sepulveda, a political newcomer. However, Sepulveda has been appealing to the fast-growing Bangladeshi population and he could win the race…it’s intense. Today, there were vans with PA systems circling the block announcing campaign issues (for both sides) in English and in Spanish. I had never seen anything like it. I feel confident now that I’m going to have some really great stories this year!

Other than that I’ve just been entirely consumed by school. We started our photo training this week where I took some extremely terrible photographs. I need LOTS of practice. It’s a good thing I’m taking the longer photojournalism elective because I need A LOT more practice. Monday I have to go out and shoot my last photo assignment ( a process)…I have no idea what I’m going to do yet…maybe someone cooking or something. I need something colorful, feel free to leave suggestions. After that we start audio slide show training where we combine audio and photo skills to create a web piece…then it’s Labor Day weekend and then real classes start! Time is already flying!

Tomorrow I get to see my parents and my sister because they’re moving her into FIT and Tuesday is my 22nd birthday! I’m doing karaoke with my roommates.

Tonight I’m lounging. I just finished writing my newest piece for The Next Great Generation and now I’m kind of wishing I was in Buffalo because my Buffaloves are downtown and I’ve been reading their tweets. It’s odd but aside from my family, I feel more attached to Buffalo than I do to Halfmoon, NY. You can take the girl out of Buffalo but you can’t take the Buffalo out of the girl.

Buffalo friends…come visit PLEASE and I promise, I’m trying to find some free time to come visit you!



  1. Nancy Cummings · August 29, 2010

    I am so proud of you Caitlin and just love the updates, keep carrying on and don’t ever lose faith in yourself!

  2. Meg · September 1, 2010


    2. I’ll just do your photo assignments for you. I have an awesome camera. hahahaha.

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