Year in J-School (Part 10)–Stress, Starbucks and SPJ


Today marked the beginning of REAL classes (no more bootcamp) and a very exciting day! I’m beginning to realize that my plate is full and that I’m pretty much not going to have a life outside of the writing/journalism realm for the foreseeable future but I’m O.K. with that because I’m so excited about…well…everything.

I was appointed to the post of Deadline Club & Professional Groups Liaison for Columbia’s chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ). Basically, I get to network with other groups of professional journalists in NYC and set up meetings and mixers with the J-School. I am beyond excited for this, it’s going to be such an amazing experience.

I’m also going to be multimedia editor for TNGG, a brand new position which includes editing video and slideshows for the site–I get to put some of my new J-School skills to work! I’ve also been writing almost non-stop for TNGG, and will have three stories going up very soon, my favorite of which is about love and murder and was inspired by TNGG’s fabulous new Lifestyles editor Kayla Brown.

My beat is going really well, too! I’m working on a news maker profile about Luis Sepulveda, a candidate for assembly in the 76th district of the Bronx. He’s a political newcomer with very interesting campaign tactics–he’s been appealing to the growing Bangladeshi population and could very well win the race. Tomorrow I have a meeting at the 43rd precinct to get the down low on crime in my area. Thursday is a full day of reporting followed by an SPJ meeting and on Friday I have my History of Journalism class, my Media Law class and another SPJ meeting.

I’ve pretty much taken up residence at the Startbucks on 110th & Broadway. The baristas know me already and I’ve been getting a lot of work done there. It’s got a more chill atmosphere than the one on 116th. (Thanks for the giftcard Aunt Nancy!)

Tonight I was going to go to “all you can drink on tap beer” with my roommate but tonight is the only night I can finish my massive amounts of law reading. I’ve got to get my Elle Woods on!

Goodbye, blog. Hello, Mass Media Law (17th Edition).


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