Year in J-School (Part 12)– Politics

Luis Sepulveda watched a Bangladeshi festival on Sept. 12.

Published AGAIN on Bronx Ink! This time for my profile on Luis Sepulveda, who is running for assembly in the Parkchester section of the Bronx.

Today are the primaries in New York, I really hope Sepulveda wins because that means I have a follow-up story for this week. *crossing fingers*

School has been really stressing me out. I feel like Columbia wants me to be a full-time student and a full-time reporter all at once. It’s getting crazy. I can’t cover things because I have class and when I don’t have class the people I need to talk to can’t be reached. It’s super irritating but you know what, it’s teaching me to be tenacious, work hard and really take pride in what I do.

I’m honestly so happy about my choice to come to Columbia and I can’t wait to tackle my next goal: uncover some new local music in the Bronx.

I also applied for a freelancing position for Sound of the City, the music blog on the Village Voice. It’s pretty much a DREAM job and I really hope I get it! Plus, it would work perfectly around my Columbia schedule!

Now I’m off to do some reading and get organized for tomorrow–I have school 9-11 then Judy is dyeing my hair at her hair school and then it’s Vampire Weekend with my sister!


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