Year in J-School (Part 14) – Labor of Love

My Year in J-School is going to be my "Almost Famous Tour."

I normally ignore horoscopes and any other such “prophetic” things because a) they’re normally false and b.) if they are right and I’m going to have a bad day, I don’t want to know. Today, however, something told me to read my horoscope when I picked up the Village Voice this afternoon:

VIRGO: “Artists suffer for their work, but they don’t mind,” read the headline in the San Francisco Chronicle. The article featured interviews with five artists who all said they enjoy doing their creative work so much that they gladly put up with the privations it causes them. That’s the spirit I’d like you to embrace in the coming weeks, Virgo. See if you can immerse yourself in a labor of love with so much enthusiastic devotion that you drive away some of your aches and anxieties.

How spot-on is that? Creepy. I have been really stressed out about school and perhaps a little (okay, a lot) ungrateful for the opportunity I have literally laying at my feet right now. I need to get over myself and just love it–and I do. I’ve realized that as soon as I get a cool story idea or put that –30– at the end of my story to signify that I’m done I get this feeling of pride and enjoy. As tough as it is, I love school. I do. I knew it was going to be tough so I need to stop complaining and just enjoy it.

This week I finished a story about Peter Rivera, the Bronx assemblyman who won the primary against Luis Sepulveda (who I previously wrote about) but only just barely. The story is about his prospects for the November election after his tough primary race. I need more sources, but the first draft is done.

This week I’ll be covering a healthy living event in Soundview Park and learning more about a Bronx/Soundview oral story telling project, which I’m really excited about. I also got in touch with a Bronx-based rock band called The Day Before who I’m either going to profile or weave into a larger story about the death of hip-hop and the birth of rock in the Bronx.

I’m super-excited about my prospects, especially a HUGE crime/prison story that my professor clued me into about the Rikers Island “fight club.” It’s being prosecuted in the Bronx and the inside of the prison system has always interested me, especially since I read the New York magazine article about Bernie Madoff in jail.

Basically I’m looking forward to enjoying my short year in J-School!

Friday I have a meeting with career services to hone my resume and Saturday there’s an Oktoberfest in Central Park as well as a Dumpling Festival in the Lower East Side (and my pesky 9 a.m. Saturday class)…PLUS the park event on Sunday!

Stressful but fun. I’ve always thrived off stress. Journalism is a labor of love and I’m thankful everyday that I’ve managed to choose a career that I love at such a young age.


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