Moments in pop culture (09-24-10)

The current NY magazine cover.

I’m fascinated by all the press Facebook and the “Facebook movie,” The Social Network, have been getting. First the movie (sans  well wishes from Facebook) is set to debut at the NYC Film Festival this weekend, then Facebook goes down for four hours and everyone freaks out and now Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg gives New Jersey schools $100 million? It’s all a little too convenient for me.

I feel like Mark Zuckerberg is just trying to create good and (majorly) positive image for himself in the days leading up to the release of The Social Network.  While Zuckerberg makes me angry (yes, it’s great that he gave to the needy NJ schools, but for the wrong reasons, in my opinion) the “Facebook movie” has grown on me. At first I rolled my eyes at the trailer and said something like, “Really? A Facebook movie?” and then made gagging faces.

What snagged me was that Aaron Sorkin wrote it. He’s a genius. Too smart for his own good. Mark Harris talks about his writing style in New York magazine:

[Sorkin’s work] have all been about people who spin skeins of sentences for a living, who lead with their brains and joust with their vocabulary.

He’s a verbose wordsmith who can make anything fantastic. I think I may see The Social Network when it hits theaters on Oct. 1.

Hot mess, party of orange.

ALSO, Lindsay Lohan got a new judge and therefore got bail. If she weren’t a celebrity she’d be sitting in jail tonight and for the next 30 days. I can’t tell if this judge is terrible (make the girl suffer like any other person who breaks the law!) or a genius (a one stop $300,000 donation to the state!). Oh well. I have bigger issues to dwell on than LiLo’s orange jumpsuit and blurred mascara.

(Moments in pop culture, like “Year in J-School” is my newest feature on my blog. I’m trying to give myself some structure so I don’t stress out about school AND updating my own site. This is basically just a way for me to unwind after a long, 6-day, week at school and do something fun! Plus, it gives me an excuse to Google to my heart’s content! I’m going to try to do this every Friday and hopefully It’ll grow, and not be thin like this week, because I can keep tabs on things all week long.)


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