Year in J-School (Part 15)–What would Jill Abramson do?

Jill Abramson. From NY Magazine: (Photo: Peter Yang; Prop Styling by Tara Marino; Hair and Makeup by Marni Giannotti.)

For the past week I’ve been obsessed with the article, “Times Two” in New York magazine about The New York Times‘ first female managing editor Jill Abramson and how she’s pretty much perfectly poised within the company to take it over when current editor, Bill Keller, calls it quits. (Plus, she got a New York City subway token as a tattoo when she moved back to the city from Washington D.C.)

She’s been such an inspiration this week especially because I’ve been drowning in stories, work and stress…but in a good way. I love that she is so interested in the web. It’s not often you see someone as seasoned in the news world as her ready and willing to embrace the Internet.

Her journey through the ranks chronicled in this story has really kept me going this past week especially since I feel like everything as kind of fallen on my lap all at once. Here’s what I have going on:

1. I have my Master’s Project adviser and an idea that I’m working on already. Joe Nocera of The New York Times is working with me on a 5,000 word piece on the music scene in the Bronx due in March before I graduate.

2. I’m working on 4 stories at a time for RW1 right now–music, politics, infrastructure, food and oral history. I just finished one on the Rikers Island “fight club” and I have meetings all this week plus photo assignments.

3. I had a meeting with career services to go over my resume and I learned that for post-graduation magazine jobs I have to get my applications in by the end of October. Yes, OCTOBER. So that’s totally stressing me out right now. I have so some how keep up with school work and apply to jobs and put my best efforts into both.

I suppose three things aren’t a lot…but they’re kind of HUGE and I’m *slightly* freaking out. I’m writing two of the stories this week so hopefully after that I’ll be slightly less frazzled.

I did so much work today that tonight I’m watching “Gossip Girl” and reading my new issue of New York magazine.

Wish me luck during my crazy week of reporting and writing.


One comment

  1. Mazarine · October 16, 2010

    Good luck!

    you can do it Caitlin!!


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