This is true, right?

Please tell me this is still true. I used to love nothing more than to sit with a pen and paper or my computer and a cup of tea and just write until there was nothing left. Now I’m sitting here, staring blankly at my blinking cursor in Word and finding myself unable to write anything. Is the stress of J-School squashing my creativity? If so, isn’t that all kinds of counter-intuitive? I guess I’ll go to bed. Tomorrow is another day–and hopefully I can write.

Please. Let me be able to write.


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  1. Mazarine · November 12, 2010

    Dear Caitlin,

    I know what you mean. When you write a lot, sometimes you don’t want to stay up til 3 writing your quota. Sometimes you want to just phone it in.


    Just because you can’t write for one day doesn’t mean you’re not a writer.

    I wrote a book this past year. It’s coming out this week. It’s called “The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising.” It’s 47,300 words. I had to team up with a photographer, graphic designer, and print company to get it done. I had to get my own ISBN, Bar Code, and buy some fonts.

    Discipline is hard. I know, because I’ve been writing 5 blog posts a week (most of them substantive) for the last 9 months. I’ve written over 50,000 words on my blog in the last year, enough for ANOTHER book! And maybe it will be.

    Sometimes you just need to journal before you can write. Sometimes you need to go read someone else’s blog to get inspired. And sometimes you just need to put one word behind the other and write.


    You are making your life more significant every day. You are going to have a lot left behind when you go. Even now, you’ve done so much. Keep it up!



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