Year in J-School (Part 16) — Getting the scoop!

Bronx Underground in the NY Daily News. Me (and The Bronx Ink) had it first!

Very exciting day today! I found out that the New York Daily News did their own (shorter) version of my Bronx Underground story (See photo)! That’s right, yours truly scooped one of the biggest papers in New York City! Now, it would have been cooler if instead of stealing my idea they had printed my story–but it was far too long for a newspaper to print anyway. Also, that’s journalism, they’re always going to snag your awesome idea and give it to one of their own.

There is, however, one true winner in this situation: Bronx Underground. They’re getting a lot of press which is only going to make my (super, secret so you/the Daily News can’t steal it) Master’s project topic all the more relevant.

I’m happy for myself. I had a good enough idea and made my story interesting enough that it caught the attention of others in the media. I never, ever pat myself on the back, but I think I might deserve it for once. It’s all so exciting.


One comment

  1. Deb Cullen · October 20, 2010

    Way to go CT! Let them follow you in the whole way…. Show them how it is done…. 😉

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