Free Jim?

Lizard King

There’s a pretty interesting article in The New York Times today about how Florida Gov. Charlie Crist aims to pardon Jim Morrison for his “lewd acts” after allegedly exposing himself on stage in Miami in 1968. Apparently  Crist, fresh off a senate defeat earlier this month, thinks that Jim shouldn’t have been punished. Jim was charged a $500 fine and 6 months in jail. He never served time because he was still appealing the decision when he died in Paris in 1971 at the age of 27.

“The more that I’ve read about the case and the more I get briefed on it,” Mr. Crist said in an interview on Tuesday, “the more convinced I am that maybe an injustice has been done here.” (New York Times)

This all seems terribly convenient and terribly political. Crist lost even after deciding to run as an Independent. In the past 40 years Jim Morrison has become a cultural icon to the point where no one except diehard fans even remember  that he whipped out his man parts on stage. Am I the only one who feels like this is Crist trying to up his political career by appealing to not only the

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist

Democratic Baby Boomers but Generation Y, too? Both are large demographics and can help him in the long run.

Or, is he doing this BECAUSE he lost. He’s not a senator so now he wants to be the guy who goes down in the history books as “the guy who pardoned Jim Morrison.”

Using dead musicians as political clout…taking politics to a whole new level.


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