Do me a favor will you?

Vote for them, please!

So, my sister’s old roommate Ashley Cellura is a terrifically talented accessory designer and has teamed up with Eliza Sullivan to start EvenOdd Creative out of their home in Rochester, NY. A local Rochester paper has nominated them for Trendsetter(s) of the Year. This is where you come in: VOTE FOR THEM! CLICK HERE and sign into Facebook to vote!

About EvenOdd (from their website):

EvenOdd is the fusion of two drastically different designers. We sometimes talk in our own language consisting of humming, beeping and poking. We find ourselves whispering to each other when no one else is in the room. We have a hard time sleeping. When we do, we have apocalyptic dreams of bad guys chasing us with various weapons while we attempt to save the world. We eat brown rice and vegetables far too often. We have DIY syndrome (we’re working on that). We love odd accessories, unique clothes, progressive design, cheese and indie music. We are competitive. We are nerdy (Liza mostly). We are trendy (Ashley mostly). We are green, but not too green. We love to customize, especially in fashion. We have always dreamed of creating our own company with the ultimate goal of working and living on our terms. We want to share our work with others who strive to express their own unique personalities. There is nothing we can’t do. We could take your GF if we wanted… just sayin’

Please vote! These two ladies are doing great things and they’re going to be BIG! Show your support!


One comment

  1. Julia Drewniak · November 22, 2010

    Done pretty lady! Hope they win!

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