Peace, love and a Ben & Jerry’s flavor

Wavy Gravy--The Last Hippie

Happy December! The semester’s almost over and everything (theoretically) should be winding down but instead it’s speeding up: final projects, Master’s Project, the works. However, I read a wonderful quote from the famous Wavy Gravy (the inspiration behind the late, great and my personal favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor…among other countercultural, communal and protest-y-type things) in Rolling Stone today in their article “The Last Hippie.” It reminded me that no matter how hectic things get, euphoria is just one human connection away–AND I think it’s something we should all keep in mind as the holiday season kicks off and we run around frantically trying to check off our shopping list.

“I’m in it for the buzz,” Wavy says. “When you get to the bottom of the human soul and you are sinking, and somebody else is sinking worse than you and you reach down there to help them, that’s when everybody gets high.”


One comment

  1. juliadrewniak · December 12, 2010

    SO ready for the holiday season, even if I’m done w/ all my shopping and we’re almost half-way in. 😉

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