We’re 2! Watch Out World!

Today, my lovely little piece of the Internet turns 2 years old! How exciting! I tend to have ADD when it comes to things that aren’t completely important. My first few blogs went by the wayside in favor of school work, friends, sleeping, etc… But this one made it to TWO.

As a means of inspiration to keep my blog from slipping into the “terrible twos,” I’ve complied a list of things that my darling blog is older than. Enjoy.

Britney Spears’s marriage to Jason Alexander (55 hours!)

The iPad (about 1 year)

Lil Wayne’s jail sentence (8 months)

Justin Bieber (Uh, he’s still in diapers, right?)

Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy’s lovechild (in utero)

Biz Markie’s music career (one hit wonder)

Conan’s run on the “Tonight Show” (Sadly)

Britney’s marriage to K-Fed (We’re the same age! TWINSIES!)

J.Lo and Chris Judd’s nuptials (10 months!)

Actually, J.Lo’s other marriage to Ojani Noa (another 10 months-ish) AND her engagement to Ben Affleck (RIP Bennifer)

ALL of these wars, plus a few more

William Henry Harrison’s presidency (32 days)

…now that we’ve passed these true cultural milestones, what do we do next?


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