Campus online dating?

Yesterday I got an “anonymous” email telling me that “someone from the Journalism School thinks you should sign up!” It was an invite for a new online dating site exclusive to people with .edu email addresses from Columbia, NYU, FIT, Yale and a handful of other universities.

It’s the weirdest site I’ve ever seen.

I signed up to see what the fuss was about and because it was started by two Columbia business school students. It’s like signing into a twilight zone. Everyone is so self-confident and self-involved. Most of the guys list their pastimes as “wine, reading Virgil and the Yankees.” I wish I was kidding. Virgil is very popular on Date My School.

At first I thought perhaps having a private .edu dating site would make online dating easier. It narrows the pot and puts you in touch with people who are in the same stage of life as you…but that’s really not the case. Its an elitist, pompous sham of a site. It’s awkward and finding the people who sound normal is next to impossible. Granted, it’s a new site and there’s not many members yet, but it just makes you realize that online dating is about options, not about some secret Columbia Club.

Date My School only furthered my disdain for online dating. It’s awkward and it’s inherently flawed. How are you supposed to learn about someone if you can’t actually see of hear them? Plus, online dating only encourages people to lie whether it’s consciously or not. When you fill out an “about me,” nine times out of ten a person’s first thought is “I wonder what my dream guy would want to hear.” Date My School is an even worse offender–with Date My School there’s a need to impress all the Virgil-lovers with your wit and intellect.

No thanks. The Internet is too creepy and complicated. It’s too easy to hide and it’s too easy to make things up. I’ll stick to meeting people the old fashioned way.


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  1. Mariano · April 12, 2011

    This is incredible. Keep posting dude !
    365 bet

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