75-year-old woman charged with cutting off Internet access in Armenia

According to this article on the “Huffington Post,” a 75-year-old Georgia woman was arrested after she allegedly cut through what was Internet cables while digging for scrap metal.

As the BBC is reporting, the Georgian Interior Ministry confirmed the woman admitted to damaging fiber optic cables while scavenging for copper in the village of Ksani on March 28. Owned by the Georgian Railway Telecom company, the cables service eastern Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

“She found the cable while collecting scrap metal and cut it with a view to stealing it,” Georgian interior ministry spokesman Zura Gvenetadze is quoted by the AFP as saying. “Taking into account her advancing years, she has been released pending the end of the investigation and subsequent trial.”

All three wholesale internet providers in Armenia — ArmenTel, FiberNet Communication and GNC-Alfa — were unable to provide their usual service after the woman cut the cable, though services were restored after midnight.

O.K., so this woman messed up, but the fact that she messed up Internet service is not the real issue here. The issue is, why does an entire country’s Internet service run through one, apparently damage-prone cable? This woman is facing up to three years in prison for something that should have been more carefully guarded and better executed in the first place.

Officials claim that they “don’t understand” how the woman found the cable because it has “robust protection.” Really? How “robust” could the protection be if an elderly woman only equipped with a spade could dig it up and cut it?

Armenia may want to re-evaluate its Internet situation.


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