MTA is M-A-D about art

Oh the MTA. They’re not really high on my “favorites” list. The buses don’t stick even remotely close to the posted schedules, the subways are unpredictable and now a monthly pass is $104 (up from $89). Basically, the MTA has ruined my life in 2011. I need to leave hours before I have to be

The MTA hates this pretty MetroCard.

anywhere and now I need to shell out over a $100 a month. However, the MTA’s latest action is really a large cause for concern:


From the Gothamist:

East Village artist VH McKenzie has been adorning discarded MetroCards and selling them at her Etsy shop, but the MTA is not a fan of her work. According to EV Grieve, they sent her a letter (which you can read in full below), essentially asking her to cease sales of the paintings because they were created on top of the MTA’s intellectual property, which is protected by copyright and trademark law. They offered to discuss licensing deal with her, however, which would presumably make them some extra cash.

Now, as the article very blatantly points out, there have been numerous occasions where MTA metroCards have been turned into art. There was a gallery that sold them for over $100 each, just to name one. Why this woman, who is selling these cards for a much lower price? Why is she being targeted? Probably because she’s an independent entity, unlike the galleries. She’s an easy target.

The MTA must be more broke than we thought. Which means prices will probably go up again and I won’t be able to afford to leave my apartment.

I’m doomed to Havishamdom.


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