A Caitlin Tremblay Truism:

I was leafing through my Chuck Klosterman books today for an assignment for my seminar when I stumbled across a quote that pretty much sums up my life on a day-to-day basis. From “Killing Yourself to Live”:

“This is the kind of quandary that keeps people like me from sleeping: I never worry about nuclear war or the economy or if we need to establish a Palestinian state, but I spend a lot of time worrying about whether I need to purchase all these less-than-stellar Rolling Stones albums from the 1980s for cataloging purposes (particularly ‘Undercover,’ which includes the semi-underrated ‘Undercover of the Night’). I have 2,233 CDs.”

Now, I don’t have that many CDs (but I’m getting close)…but most of the time I’m thinking about all the music I need to own rather than important world problems. And when I get stressed with school I always think about this instead of what I need to be doing. Nine times out of 10 the musical distraction actually clears my mind and makes my work better. The other time it just drives me crazy and I need to take a nap.


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