Sleeper Agent, Genuis Chuck, Occupy Wall Street and Other Things

Buy this. Yes, I said BUY.

So, I’ve been busy which is good because I find that if I have too much downtime I tend to go a little insane by nitpicking every aspect of my existence. (ex. “My knees are fat. Can knees be fat? I need to dust. I also need to take my AC out of my window. I also should stock my fridge with something other than ranch dressing and apples.”)

Sigh, the things that go through one’s head when they’re home alone, staring at a lava lamp and listening to The Who.

What have I been doing?

1. Writing

Album Review: ‘Metals’ by Feist

Ten Dream Musical Collaborations

And I’m currently working on an article about concept albums. A regular Lester Bangs I am. (not really)

2. Listening

Right now I’m really into The Sounds …a revived obsession. I’m seeing them on Nov. 2

I’m also really digging this new band out of Bowling Green, Kentucky called Sleeper Agent. I can’t wait for them to add dates to their tour.

3. Reading

I finished Chuck Klosterman’s new novel “The Visible Man.” I liked it a lot more than “Downtown Owl” but it was weird. Half way through the book I didn’t want to finish the book because I hated the two main characters so much. They were narcissistic assholes who drove me crazy and made me mad. But, I finished the book and I came to one conclusion: Chuck Klosterman is a genius. Like a Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs lovechild with an insanely large vocabulary. Chuck makes my brain fall in love with sentence fragments.

I also finally started “Out of the Vinyl Deeps: Ellen Willis on Rock Music” despite having bought it approximately a million years ago. From what I’ve read so far, Ellen is my hero…even more so than she already was. She’s the first rock critic for The New Yorker and has such an edgy writing style that I am so incredibly jealous of. If she still wrote for The New Yorker I might actually read it and not think it’s so boring.

4. Being a grown up

It’s kind of exciting, yet kind of scary. So. Much. Paperwork. Consolidating student loans, address changes, health insurance, apartment hunting…It’s kind of overwhelming but it’s actually a lot of fun (Did I just say that?).

5. Having a love/hate relationship with Occupy Wall Street

I am all about changing things in this country. Yes, I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that such a small percentage of the population controls such a high percentage of the money. Yes, Wall Street is full of money hungry dudes only out for themselves and taking people’s houses and livelihoods away because of schemes to get richer. I agree with the premise of Occupy Wall Street, I do. I just don’t understand it.

Maybe I’m being naive here but why aren’t we putting pressure on the politicians? CEOs don’t need our votes to keep their jobs but Senators do….but then my bank (Bank of America) decided to start charging $5 a month so I can spend my own money and I get torn all over again. The reason BofA is charging is because of lost revenue because Congress passed the Dodd-Frank act to help the little people…but that backfired.

I’m just confused by the whole situation because I don’t really know what the best course of action is. I’m not even going to pretend I understand enough about economics and politics to make an educated statement. However, I think Matt Taibbi got close (and I usually think he’s 90 percent idiot).

Stuff I’m looking forward to:

*New Coldplay album this week

*Bonnaroo tickets on sale soon

*The Bowie Ball

*Going to work

*Boycotting Halloween


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