Is it 2012 yet?

New Year's Eve, Times Square...I work there.

I’m over 2011.

There I said it. I’m dunzo with 2011. It can be Dec. 31, the big sparkly ball across from my office building can fall and 2012 can come rushing in and relieve me of the drama and stress of 2011.

I know people always make New Year’s resolutions and then proceed to break them and then go on to complain about breaking them…I’m usually that person. But for some reason this year just seems different. I have a different confidence, a different view of what the next year can bring.

On Jan. 1, 2012 I move into a new apartment on the cutest street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Yes, Miss Caitlin ‘commitment phobe’ Tremblay signed a one year lease. I am so excited to move. The apartment is cheap, huge and in the best neighborhood. It’s still 20 minutes from work and unlike where I live now there are record stores, bars and adorable coffee places just around the corner. It’s going to be so refreshing to leave where I am now and only live with one other person…ahhhh space. And the best part is that we both have 9-5 career-type jobs so no more loud people keeping me awake a night…and I have two closets! It’s the small things in life.

Come Jan. 1 I will be 23 with an apartment I love, in a neighborhood I love, in a city I love with a job I love. I will pretty much be the happiest girl in the world. I feel so much less stressed out.

2012 will be the first full year where I won’t step foot inside a classroom to learn something. My first full year as a real adult with a job and student loan bills and rent and utilities. It’s overwhelming and scary but I’m so excited to just jump right in.

2012 is also the year where I FINALLY make my pilgrimage to Bonnaroo with my wonderful caravan of music-loving friends….which is really just the most amazing added bonus.

So hurry up and be done, 2011. Let’s eat some turkey, spin some dreidles, decorate some trees, count backwards from 10 and get on with ’12.

I still can’t believe I signed a year-long lease. Maybe I’m not as scared of committment as I thought. Baby steps.


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