Wait, what?: Dissecting the video for “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”

The ’90s were a weird, weird time, and 1997 was the year the Backstreet Boys tried to be

Half-face AJ

Michael Jackson, but failed, hilariously.

When I was 9 (when this video came out) I thought it was the coolest thing of ALL TIME. You could not tear me away from TRL. However, watching this now, I’d like to take a minute (or ten) to discuss just exactly the f**k I

Dr. Jeckyl-ish Kevin

was watching. Seriously, what was I watching??

This lovely piece of cinema  begins when the Backstreet Boys get stranded in a creepy house in the rain because “their bus broke

down,” riiiight. And in the middle of the night they all turn into scary mythical…things: Brian, a werewolf pimp; Howie, a vampire with a hat; Kevin, some Dr. Jeckyl thing with scales; AJ, a weird half-face man with groupies; and Nick, a mummy who walks like an Egyptian with arthritis.

Werewolf Brian

Wait, what? Interspersed between the weird biting, back flipping and rubbing of a pocket watch on ones genitals there’s also some sweet dance moves right out of “Thriller.”

Mummy Nick

And why I have no idea why I used to love it so much (AJ’s protractor groomed facial hair maybe?) I love it even more now as an “adult” for the following reasons:




1. AJ’s sleeveless suit. Let’s bring this back. It’s trashy in all the best ways.

Bring it back. The sleeveless suit.

2. The obvious plug for CapriSun and Alex Mac.

3. Kevin’s pecs that we never knew existed until this and will never see again.


4. Kevin being awkward and dancing alone.

He does this adorable arm-swing thing.

5. Howie (who no one swooned over) finally being the “hot one” in this video because he’s the one who looks the most normal.

6. Brian finding an awkward dead bunny in his bed and FREAKING OUT.

A look of sheer (fake) terror

7. Howie rubbing his pocket watch on his crotch for no reason other than to appear sexy and thus explaining why no one thought he was the “hot one.”

It's for telling time not scratching your...man parts...

8. Brian back flipping as a werewolf (is that a skill of the werewolf that was left out of Harry Potter?) in a pimp coat.

9. Nick in skin-tight mummy garb giving him the body of a 5th grade girl. HILARIOUS.

Mummy Nick

10. Awkward vieo girl licking Nick’s coffin (probably while thinking, “I just wanted to be in Shaggy’s ‘Boombastic‘ video why am I here and why is there a splinter in the tongue??”)

Wait, what?

Kevin's duster. No, it's not a trench. It's a duster.

And so, so, so, so many more reasons. Ah the ’90s. A total time-suck on YouTube–convincing me that perhaps I should revist and blog about this nonsense more often. Afterall, there’s Kevin’s sweet duster in the “I Want it That Way” video and let’s not even get into how O-Town had a whole generation of adolescent girls singing about nocturnal emissions.

Good times.


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