MTV Iggy

Tweak the Playlist: 8 Festive Tunes to Light Up Your Holiday…Or Not (Dec. 2012)

NY Press

Underground in the Bronx (cover story–May 18, 2011)

Thomson Reuters

Career Tracker, Summary Judgments and news story contributions

WTF?! Is Up With My Love Life

What my Dad taught me about love

The Undercover Ego booster

What if Mitt Romney were your boyfriend?

The Next Great Generation

10 Best Concept Albums

Review: Coldplay’s “Mylo Xyloto”

If you like [this band], you’ll probably like [that band]

TNGG Grammy Preview: Who Will Win?

Festivals Go Mainstream, It’s Our Fault

Why are we still obsessed with ‘American Idol’?

Do you just want your pants back? MTV does.

Ten Dream Music Collaborations

Album review: “Metals” by Feist

Thoughts from a former Borders Employee

10 Best Shakespeare film adaptations

Review: Paul McCartney at Yankee Stadium, July 16, 2011

Don’t Call (It) A Comeback (Review of Steven Tyler’s first solo single)

Radiohead Cures Bieber Fever

Be Rational, Darling!

Social Media Will Save the Music Industry

Things to do with boxed wine

Rock Stars Have Kidnapped Our Women!

TNGG’s First Podcast–“There Will Be Spoilers”

Hiberdating: It’s bad for your health

Kelli Space, You’re an Idiot!

Top 10 Worst Songs of 2010

‘Tis the season to have your heart ripped out!

Love Bytes



Pinch Pennies, Not Romance

10 Questions for Caitlin, a Millennial

Facebook: A Resume of Love?

The Choice Effect

We’re Screwed!

Traveling With Technology

Goodbye, Dating. Hello, WTF!

Drama Llamas

The Daily Gazette

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The Bronx Ink

The Bronx is burning…with rock ‘n’ roll

A Throgs Neck baker turns her dream into a sweet business

Revenge of the music nerd

From Bangladesh to the Bronx: immigrants find new hope and new tensions

Incubating new businesses in Hunts Point

Polling snafus persist for some Bronx voters

The Kezners

Parkchester Mugging Turns Political

Dropping Pounds, Gaining Votes

International Business Times

IBT Fashion & Life (wrote all of the content, unless otherwise stated, and designed the page)

The Spectrum


Of grammar and graduation

College days

Dear Gov. Paterson

21 going on 80

Crazy for Swayze

Letters are not words!

Pepere and me

Guess I never got the memo

Why you should care

How safe are you?

Why the Olympics rock

10 things to know about graduation


UB Council problems continue

Husejnovic elected EIC of Generation

Looking back at the Oklahoma City Bombing

Blitzer reflects on time in Buffalo

Check yo nutz

Cordelius sentenced in Jackson murder

Students voice concerns about Spring Fest

Student struck by car

Fairness of university calendar questioned

Methods of Inquiry shut down

Nearly 30 rooms burglarized

Digging Deep-Financial Aid Series 1

Financial aid investigation continues-Financial Aid Series 2

Legal action likely against UB-Financial Aid Series 3

Students deadlocked with university-Financial Aid Series 4

Students granted one-year reprieve-Financial Aid Series 5

Evolution of social networking

Officials work to comply with carbon monoxide law

UB professor sheds light on campus violence

Questions remain unanswered

University support services VP steps down

Ex-UB researcher faces jail time

NAACP loses club status

Quality of libraries questioned

Nursing dreams squashed

Haiti ill prepared for disaster relief

SA plans major changes

Former UB president dies at 75

State Senate defeats gay marriage bill

Arrest made in Halloween stabbing

Students rally against SUNY budget cuts

24-hour busing

Buffalonians protest Blair

House passes biggest student aid bill in history


Thanks mom, I owe you one

Losing informatics

Friend or foe?

Just do it

Becoming Radiohead

Where the cache at?

Sudoku medicine

Anxiety prone

Major options

One couch at a time

Rising concerns for a falling economy

Rewriting herstory

Yes, we can, but will we?

Turning the page

On your mark, get set, EAT!